Join my private "Ask a Recruiter" Session!

Hi everyone 👋🏻  I'm hosting a very intimate "Ask a Recruiter" session to cover *everything* you need to know about interviewing and job seeking!

As some of you know, I was a Recruiter for 17+ years... and as such, I've interviewed thousands of candidates and worked with hundreds of Hiring Managers. So let me put all that knowledge to good use and help y'all navigate complicated, un-inclusive, confusing, and inequitable hiring processes!

Think about this AMA session as your personal 1:1 time with a neutral (and supportive!) Recruiting Friend.

I created this space to answer all your questions and show y'all, what usually happens "behind the scenes." If you need some inspo, here are a few questions we could tackle:

🔹 Will the ATS discard my resume?

🔹 Do I need to send a cover letter and thank you notes?

🔹 How long should my resume be?

🔹 How do I attract the Recruiters' attention?

🔹 I've been reaching out to Recruiters, but I don't hear back. What can I do?

🔹 Why don't Recruiters share feedback with me?

Seats are *very limited* for this first session! I really want to make sure this runs *perfectly* and that we can tackle as many questions and answers as possible.... and if y'all like it, we might even do it as a monthly thing!

What do y'all say?

You can sign up here: