Want to dress more confidently and consciously? Become an AI stylist beta tester now!

The average American woman owns 103 pieces of clothing. Globally, consumers acquire 80 billion new items annually — a figure that’s up 400% from 20 years ago. In America, we each buy about 68 new garments a year. And most people wear only 20% of their clothes. The rest just …. sit there.

Interested in feeling more confident, getting more wear out of your closet, and being more intentional about what you buy? Check out Alta, the first AI stylist. I've been advising the co-founder Jenny for a few months (we met while I was at Sequoia) and am super excited about what her team is building.

If you're in NYC, SF, LA, Miami, Washington DC, Chicago, Nashville, Austin, or Dallas then they can send someone to photograph and organize your whole wardrobe for you!

Ping me if you have questions or feedback :)