The Traditional 9 to 5 is an outdated trap

Spend less time looking for your next role.

Instead shift your focus and do this…

Prioritize yourself.

Spend most of your time on what truly matters – YOU.

Apply the 80/20 rule to your job hunt to keep a flow of fresh opportunities coming your way.

When I faced a layoff, I made a choice. I invested in myself, dedicating time to create two income streams. It wasn't easy, but my enthusiasm fueled the journey.

By employing the 80/20 rule, my job search became efficient. I attracted lucrative opportunities and avoided panic applying for jobs out of fear. This protected my peace and well-being during unemployment.

As a result, seven months after the layoff, I tripled my monthly income from my former job. This empowered me to decide against returning to corporate life.

So, remember:

Pouring 100% of your time into job seeking is misguided advice. Focus on YOU, always working towards salary independence.

What's Your Next Best Step to Job-loss Proof Your Finances and Build Financial Resilience?

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