[Looking for testers!] A second brain for freelancers & solopreneurs - TaskforAI

Hello all!

My co-founders and I are building a second brain, think of a platform that prioritizes, automates, and manages your tasks so you can concentrate more on doing what you love.

TaskforAI is targeted at freelancers & solopreneurs, but if you're someone who explores upskilling or runs/is thinking of running a side gig, this platform could also be applicable.

We'd love to have more testers once we launch the MVP in the coming weeks, and we would love all brutal, honest feedback so we can build better.

Please feel free to sign up for our waitlist, and once we launch I'll reach out regarding a 1 month trial that you can use. ✨



Interesting, just signed up for the waitlist.
Hi, I also signed up fr the waitlist!