How to to offer my product as a perk for companies?

I'm the co-founder of Grace, a new modern parental control app for iPhone and iPad.

Currently our primary users are tech dads and moms.

I realized many parents would find it helpful to get a special offer for Grace from their companies. Since employees' productivity and happiness are tied to their families, I thought companies would love to try giving their employees Grace as a perk.

But I don't have any connections and no experience in that.

So I stumbled upon questions:

- Who is the person, title who is responsible for the employees' happiness?

- Where can I find those people? Where is it better to connect with them?

- Do you think they'll be open to my offering?

I'd appreciate your help. Any tip or introduction means a lot to me. Thank you!

I wonder if a company's HR team, specifically their Benefits team, would be a good place to start
Yeah. What place would you go to find them? Any HR communities worth exploring?
I'm not aware of any HR communities, although I'm not in HR so that's probably why. What resources have you tried so far? My first thought is to use LinkedIn, since that's the resource I'm most familiar with.
Looking at the product offering, have you already approached educators, PTAs, and family therapists? In answer to your question: Look into the World of Work association; CHRO, Certified Benefits Professional or Practice Managers. Organizations that offer a partner marketplace and parental benefits, seem like a solid fit, but those are often pre-packaged by a vendor. Be clear on what the offering is. What a you are asking of them and what specifically benefits the partner for helping you grow your user base.
Liana below mentioned HR communities. Try People Over Perks or People People. Lots of HR folks in those two Slack communities that you can get some feedback from and gauge interest. Good luck!