Hi Elpha!

I'm Sophia from Hired, a job marketplace for tech professionals envisioning a world where all hiring is equitable, efficient, and transparent.

I'm working to understand the concept of agesim: a form of discrimination towards someone who is further along or just starting out in their career.

  • What are your thoughts on agesim?
  • Have you encountered it?
  • How did you combat it?

*disclaimer responses may be used anonymously for an upcoming blog on Hired*

Hi Sophia, I’m 60 years old and ageism is in full force in my job search. My background is in pre-sales role as a proposal manager. I have been in search mode for two years. I have been actively searching, applying, and interviewing. Due to my nervous habits, I blow my chances in interviews because I don’t show up with my A game. No one has come out and said I’m not getting hired due my age, however, aside from my hindering my chances due to my nerves, my background, skills, and background are in line with the job requirements. One if the questions I ask during interviews is “how is your company’s inclusion and diversity. I ask this question if it’s not evident in their web page. I ask this question because I want to know if they support women, diversity, and older age groups in the workforce. Personally, I think there is discrimination against the older workforce.