Innovative business models in the angel investment world?

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I love this question. It's something I've been pondering for a little while.With Pipe emerging recently, it feels as though we're heading towards a real quickening - companies are being treated like stocks pre-IPO. Clearco are on to something genius by extending runway for founders without asking for equity. I think this will be the new dichotomy and choice for founders: trade your company on a marketplace like Pipe or keep your equity and scale growth solo (i.e. sans investor).Which then begs the question, what is the role of the angel investor in this brave new world? I think angels who are truly invested in building sustainable businesses that outlast boom and bust cycles have a real opportunity to do interesting things around offering traditional debt financing; e.g. bridge capital loans, and other smaller pots of cash that are often the difference between thriving and losing for founders. Generally, I'd keep my ears to the ground and listen very closely to founders who are willing to be honest about how they feel; not folks who want investment (saving face is real). If trends emerge in their feedback, that's the road to follow, I believe.The challenge most syndicates face is the age-old, "How do we correct for group-think?". This is something I know a lot of folks are still wrestling with. No clear answers, it seems, other than - find founders who'll tell unconventional truths.