Looking for BETA testers for FREE Interactive Visionboard and Manifestation app


My name is Lucie, I am the founder of TEMPLA, An interactive visionboard app.

We've just gone live and are looking for beta testers to trial our MVP while we validate the next wave of features.

If you're into journalling, setting intentions, vision boards and manifestation you might like it! I'd be very grateful for you to download and give it a whirl.

Thanks for your time in advance,


I searched for it but couldn't find it. I have an Android so that may be why. I'll try again when you have that Android version. Good luck! Temple sounds like a great app
Hi @joycelyndghansah We will be available for android later this year. I'll send you a link when it's live. Thanks for taking the time to search for us!
Thank you! Good luck with testing and launching!
Hey Lucie! Templa looks amazing. Great and very soothing UI. If you're ever looking for extra help with development let me know! I work at a software development agency 😊
Thank you so much @mariagomez I really appreciate your feedback. We've got a great team at the moment but I'll take note. Thanks for checking us out.
Just downloaded it! I love that it's easy to use and follow. I wish you could select more than one thing to 'work on' and have multiple vision boards for different aspects of your life. I think it could also be cool if you could look up photos to add or include your own--same with affirmations to make it a little more precise and personal. Overall, love this idea!
Hi Jordyn,Thank you so much for your amazing feedback. It's really appreciated. In future builds we plan to build and design those exact features, so it's wonderful to hear that validated. You will also be able to record your own voice speaking the affirmations over the Templa, add your own music and have access to coaches who will add content via guided visualization meditations and educational posts all centered around manifestation and self growth practises. We're grateful for you to join our journey. Thanks for downloading!
Hi Lucie! That is so exciting to hear, I'm looking forward to seeing how you guys grow and develop Templa! :)
@jordynmilbrath I just viewed your profile too, we might be looking for extra pair of hands in the coming months, are you looking for work?
Hi @LucieD I'm so sorry I just saw this comment! I am actually working with another app right now, though nothing is set and stone yet. I'd love to hear about the upcoming opportunities with Templa and what you are looking for!
Thanks lovely! I will be making more of a presence and sending emails to keep our early adopters engaged, telling my personal story, so you might be hearing from me in your inbox in the months to come! I appreciate your support :)
Love this! While it would be awesome to customize with own images and affirmations, I also appreciated the limited nature of the options. If I was prompted to choose my own images/affirmations I think I would spend too much energy/time thinking about what to choose. I loved that within ten minutes, I had downloaded, signed-up and created my very first vision board. It was so easy and seamless and the final product is really lovely. Great idea and execution.
Hi @melissabertenthal Thank you so much for this amazing feedback! It's so wonderful to hear that. We will be updating the product with some exciting features as we continue to develop. I'm looking forward sharing the journey with you! Thanks, Lucie
Hello! I would love to hear about this when it's available for Android also...thank you.
I'll let you know as soon as we go live! Thanks for your interest!
Hi @LucieD - just downloaded, loved the experience. Glad to have a great digital tool in this space!! Only so much Pinterest can do. :)
Hi Grace, Thank you so much for your feedback. We're looking forward to updating the next features as we evolve! I really appreciate you taking the time to send that! :)
Hi Lucie, I searched for the app and downloaded it. I love this idea and the guidance in setting up a vision board. Choosing the pre-set affirmations is very cool! Coming up with affirmations on your own can be hard or a blocker to get going on a vision board/journaling/meditation. I also liked that there were already images to choose from that featured people from diverse backgrounds.I found the white text a bit hard to read on the light background. I also noticed that after I selected an image for an affirmation and clicked "next," the image I just selected is still checked to show it is one of my selected images, but I was confused at first and thought I hadn't moved on to the next affirmation yet. After I finished editing the vision board, it wasn't clear a video was launching and I tapped on my phone to try to "click through" the vision board and then learned it was a video as tapping paused it. It would be cool to see your vision board together as an image in addition to the video!I agree with some of the previous feedback - would love to create a few vision boards with different topics!Very cool app and looking forward to trying it out. :)
@katr Thank you so much for taking the time to write such thoughtful feedback. I really appreciate it. It's great feedback and I look forward to updating the app with all that you mentioned! Watch out for some cool features this summer, we're listening and taking notes!! Have an awesome day and happy manifesting all you desire!!