Looking to give out FREE success consultancieshttps://anniechopra.com/

I am looking to expand my personal services brand. I am exceptional at social media, content creation, out-of-the-box strategising, mindset building, community building, and leadership. I am looking for women who would like to receive a free consultancy / coaching service as I am looking for testimonials. I love working with beauty, fashion, edtech, and fintech brands. But, I am open to any other form of industry as well, if it's a challenge I am usually more keen on doing it. I would be very grateful for the help, and would also really enjoy directly working with women in the Elpha community! Comment and I will reach out ASAP.

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Hi Annie πŸ‘‹,I’m interested! [email protected] Thanks!
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Hey Annie, I’m also interested! [email protected] β€” hope to hear from you 😊 thanks!