✨ Now hiring ✨ April Update - meet the newest companies hiring via Elpha

Hey there everybody!

I'm excited to introduce some of the newest companies now hiring on Elpha: Canopy, Fuse Inventory, and Kolide.

Curious to learn more about one of them? Drop a note in the comments or head to their respective Elpha company page to request an introduction to the team. You can also send me a DM if you have any questions! ✨

☂️ Canopy

Learn more about Canopy on their Elpha page →

What they do: Canopy is on a mission to enable banks, credit unions, and Fintech brands to launch personalized, transparent, and safer credit and lending products and to support those products with world-class servicing in a secure and compliant way.

Team Size: Today they are a team of 40 with plans to double over the next year.

What makes the Canopy culture unique: "Our values are the foundation of our culture. They guide how we design, build and serve our clients and support meaningful connections within and across teams."

Why they’re excited to partner with Elpha: "We are committed to hiring more women in leadership, product, engineering, and across the rest of our organization. We’re so grateful to be part of a space that supports, celebrates, and connects women in the industry. You can learn more and hear stories from the women at Canopy here."

Meet some Elpha members on the Canopy team: @katnguyen, @britfoundry, @elisecox, @emmarward, @shwetagupta18, @gopipandya


📋 Fuse Inventory

Learn more about Fuse Inventory on their Elpha page →

What they do: Fuse has a short and sweet mission statement: uniting people and data. They are building a modern, predictive SaaS solution for inventory planning. Brands like Supergoop! and True Botanicals use Fuse to reduce inventory overspend by 70% and stockouts by 10%, freeing up millions of dollars to launch new products and grow their businesses.

Team Size: Currently a team of 13 with plans to double headcount by the end of 2022.

What makes the Fuse Inventory culture unique: "We’re the group project team you’ve always dreamed of being on. Everyone is excited to come to the table with their best foot forward (no egos welcome here) and collaboration is driven by the common goal of producing the best product we can for our community. We collaborate as a horizontal team and there is no such thing as “that task is below me” at Fuse."

Why they’re excited to partner with Elpha: "We’re excited to partner with Elpha because we believe there is so much value in building a community where shared experiences can help empower and uplift the people around us."

Meet some Elpha members on the Fuse Inventory team: @rliaw, @cmtakata, @edenmehl, @megancolonna, @alexischuck, @alyssacarrubba



Learn more about Kolide on their Elpha page →

What they do: This is my first time seeing a mission statement as a poem and I love it! Check it out:

​​We help organizations practice Honest Security

Building software that secures and manages digital assets

While demonstrating empathy, respect, and care for what is most important – people

Empowering them to do the best work of their lives.

Team Size: They are currently a team of 19 and plan to add 5-10 more over the course of the year.

What makes the Kolide culture unique: "We believe in supporting you as a whole person when you join our team, which you’ll see from our benefits to how we get work done. At Kolide, we offer a flexible environment so that you can work hard at your job and still show up fully for your family and life outside of work. Our product runs on transparency and open communication, which is how we work internally as well."

Why they’re excited to partner with Elpha: "Kolide is quickly growing and we would like to hire women from all backgrounds to join us! Recently, we have folks who have joined us from tech as well as non-tech backgrounds. Kolide aims to hire folks who can bring us diverse ideas as we believe that is the best way to stay creative as we grow which is why we are excited to partner with Elpha."

Meet some Elpha members on the Kolide team: @kategasparrinilicsw, @AntigoniS, @caitlincabrera, @emilyhill, @harliehardage, @michelleardila


p.s. let me know if there's more or different info you'd like about companies in this type of update!