Seeking feedback on my upskill+networking startup

Hi Elphas,I would be so grateful for feedback on my startup (still pre product market fit). Ten years ago I was a teacher, thought I would always be a teacher, but I visited a software engineer friend after work one day...and I wound up getting invited to interview with his startup the next day. I went from leading a classroom to leading a product team over night with zero experience.I was able to do it because I had an amazing network of friends who helped me upskill along the way, and get job opportunities. My goal is now to provide everyone with instant access to a network of experienced professionals where they can learn, make connections, and even get warm introductions to help with their business and job search. I did a soft launch mid September 2020. I immediately got one organic subscriber, and then three more came thru. Progress on new subscribers has halted the past two weeks and I'm not sure why. Admittedly, it's the scrappiest site on the internet, no design work, no budget for anything - just me, Squarespace, and a G-Cal. But I had momentum and now I don't. I'd love feedback! Thank you so much! In return I can offer any free lesson from our lesson calendar, upskill with experts in tech, marketing, design, etc.
Hey Malinda, hard to tell what's going on without knowing where your traffic comes from & who they are.Here's how I'd try figuring this out:1. Google Analytics + Hotjar (or similar): Do you get a lot of traffic?If Y - then they don't convert for some reason.How to figure this out: watch session recordings and heatmaps, maybe add a pop-up poll asking if they need any additional info.How high is the bounce rate from your homepage?Do visitors scroll below the fold?If N - how can you get more traffic & track visitor behavior to figure out what's wrong?2. Copy - does it help me say yes?To answer that - can you describe the following:- specific audience you're talking to- testimonials relevant to the classes- LessonsUp vs other courses out there - why choose you?If Y - is it reflected in the copy?You can also set up some user testing sessions to see how website visitors perceive your copy / website in general.Hope this helps!
This is helpful!- I do get enough traffic to do some analysis- bounce rate is really high, 73%- I'll check out HotjarThis is a great start, gonna set up some tests and dig in.
randomly the day after we checked in I wound up with one more subscriber! still doing lots of work on the site but wanted to let you know that I think part of it is just mindset and being able to talk it thru with a supportive community!
Yay, congratulations!Re: mindset - that's always a huge part of working on your own stuff - glad you're getting subscribers and good luck!