Networking tactics from a 10+ year tech hiring manager: conduct calls that lead to opportunities

Hi all! I’ve been a hiring manager for 10+ years in tech. I recently launched my own startup to help more people build the network and skills needed to get into tech or similarly lucrative industries. As such, I developed a talk, “Advanced Networking Tactics to Land a Job,” that I’ve now given for 3 different communities - all of whom loved it so much they’ve asked me back again and again. It’s hard for me to explain how helpful this has been, so I took a few screenshots of messages I’ve received and pulled them into a collage on Canva. I turned that talk into a guide where you can learn how to:- craft your networking blurb- meet hiring managers and team members incentivized to hire you-conduct networking chats that lead to job opportunitiesIf you want a little more context email me to join our next workshop on advanced networking tactics, [email protected]
Hey Mal! Great post. I love the actionable items and examples. I also love that it’s called advanced networking. It’s a skill so underrated for sure. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, Hannah. I agree. I didn’t realize how underrated and misunderstood it was until I started doing user research on lesson topics, and was soooo surprised at what I discovered and how much support people need in this area. If you have any tactics that work for you I’d love to hear them.