I aced my law exam while having a C-section. I’m Cheryl Campbell, a cancer pharmacologist, lawyer, and entrepreneur.Featured

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Wow! So good to know you, Cheryl. I am so inspired by your will, positivity, and achievements. You are a hero 💪🏽
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@sheenam7 thank you! Certainly think we could all use more positive vibes. Happy to share 👊🏽
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So happy and proud that everyone gets to see the amazing star mom lawyer entrepreneur pharmacologist that you are!!!! 💗💗💗💗🔥🔥🔥🔥Everyone, this woman is freakin’ using her chemistry background to develop a new skincare line that is legit going to keep us YOUNG FOREVER. Yayyyyy!!!
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Thank you @quinneyeQ that’s my goal! Help all women look good and feel good 🙌🏽
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I have no words. I just - wow 🙇‍♀️I really admire your ambition and career accomplishments (as well as your attitude and involvement in giving back through Science Club for Girls). What have been your motivators in the different stages of your career?
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Thank you @Eunice happy to share. When I worked in pharma as a scientist, I was always motivated by the patients who shared their stories with us. I worked on cancer drug discovery so I often heard from cancer patients and their families. I wanted so much to help them because I understood what they were going through. When I became a lawyer, I was inspired by my clients who were mainly scientists starting their own companies because they wanted to bring innovative treatments to market in hopes of improving disease outcomes for patients. I wanted to help them because we shared the same purpose. While on this path I’ve met so many other inspiring people who are also working to make a positive impact and they inspire me everyday.
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Great to see a fellow Pinay do big things!I was wondering:• what compelled the switch from pharmacologist to lawyer?• since a research career and law career both entail grad schooling, what was it like when you first started your family? Did you do egg/embryo freezing? How do you and your husband balance familial responsibilities?
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Hi @mnicasio 🇵🇭👊🏽😁! It wasn’t much of a switch per se but an organic career growth. In pharma/biotech, a lot of the work we do as bench scientists (esp. those in big pharma) relies on IP protection and IP/Corporate transactions to acquire assets, protect them, finance, etc., which are all legal concepts. I was never the type of person to shrug my shoulders and “just go with it” so I always asked why we were doing things. That curiosity got me in to the legal aspect of discovery in life sciences until eventually I went to law school and became a lawyer. No, I didn’t delay starting a family because of my career. It wasn’t something I thought about to be honest but I ended up getting married pretty young. I didn’t really want to date anyone because I wanted to spend all my time in a library or lab somewhere but when I met my husband he was very persistent. He helped me dose my experimental mice by gavage on one of our dates so he could free up my time and he’s not a scientist! 😱🤣! Long story short, he knew I was crazy before we even got serious and I think setting expectations early on helps when it comes to having a family with someone especially when it’s clear that you have an ambitious partner. He always says that he knew what he was getting into when he met me so him shouldering the home life load is pretty standard in our home. But we also have wonderful nannies who help us so we haven’t had many issues with balancing responsibilities.
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The first thing I thought of when reading your story was WOW. Then the mom part of me was like, "Damn right she did because moms kick ass like that." You don't know the strength you have a as a mom until you become one! It's like on a whole other level. The exams post baby are actually what impressed me the most - I don't know if people realize what it is like to have a new baby while you recover from a C-section! Getting it done before the meds wore off was the best option you had! Lol!