How would you define career success?Featured

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Musha Allah Yassmin you have achieved the very definition of career success as a young, Sudanese woman I aspire to reach your level of success. You not only inspire me but so many others.
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If you enjoy what you do and make a comfortable (or more) living from it, that's success to me.Your path certainly isn't linear, and it's impactful. Linear is a little boring. I think that's the best way to live your career path.
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To me, career success is being able to reply with pride when someone asks "what do you do?".
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This is such a timely conversation, Yassmin, especially since women are at point where they are realizing they don't have to put up with traditional (male) environments and can be their own bosses. As long as you are doing the things that give you intrinsic satisfaction, and you feel energized (and you can create a living) YOU ARE A SUCCESS!
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For me, the notion of professional success and personal success are interchangeable: living and loving with purpose, humility and a deep, abiding curiosity about the world. Success is not about getting, but giving. It's not defined by what you have externally, but how you feel internally. I personally am learning that 'true' success is peace; the notion that I am enough as I am, and that I am allowed to be me. The freedom that comes only from failure. The acceptance that comes only from hurt and disappointment. The compassion that comes only from forgiveness. The love that persists despite and because of this. The desire to, above all else, make a meaningful difference - a metric defined by the quality rather than the quantity of my connection/s with the world around me. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Yassmin. You do you. You're doing an incredible job <3
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What an incredible career path! I loved and really identify with living a life in which one has " a net positive impact on the people and community around me, where I acted with integrity and chose to live in joy and gratitude." For me, I just want to do good and be good.
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What an amazing story! For me it's finding joy in what you do and spending every minute of the day exactly how you want to spend it. Rather than how someone else wants you to spend it.
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As noted by yourself and others, defining success is so personal. You are super accomplished. For most that equals successful. If it doesn’t feel that way to you, I wonder if the real question is “What does success look like/feel like to you?” It’s a similar, yet different question. For me, success looks like I’ve put my talents to use in ways that have helped myself and exponentially helped others (“Do good and do well”), especially those coming behind me. It feels like I’ve been honorable overall, even when it has been difficult; I’ve apologized quickly when I needed to; Ive learned constantly; and most importantly I’ve regularly asked myself, “Who do you get to be in this lifetime to be deserving of the love you’ve been shown?” and then Ive chosen to be that person. If no one else ever knows, if it looks like I’ve jumped around a lot and if it never seems that I’ve accomplished anything to the outside world, I will have been successful.
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I've often pondered this and the linearity of success. I truly believe those words that you choose to live in joy, gratitude, acted on integrity and made a difference somewhere. Success is very similar to me where I have taken the bad experiences in my life and turned around and helped others in the same position get out of it. To lead by example, to give hope and a hand to those in need. I love this post!
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Love this!