Marketing strategy

How do you decide the most fitting marketing strategy foryour firm?

what is the best way to reach my customers if my business is mainly tech services( B2B)?

Hi Hazha, Marketing strategy is a generic term for many different approaches and solutions. But overall in B2B marketing usually works closely with sales. Here is a way you might want to approach this is:1. Define your goal(s): revenue /profit/awareness/... What are you trying to achieve?2. Define your ideal target(s)/ customer profile(s) (what industry, what job roles within companies in that industry, where would you find those people if you wanted to contact them, what are their pain points etc, those would be your "personas" which you could regroup in various segments), maybe even list your top 100target companies + who inside those companies you'd want to talk to (use LinkedIn;)3. Define what makes your product unique to them (run some surveys, interview some targets, read industry reports, analyze how you're different from competition) and craft some copy around it (it's what's called "unique selling proposition or USP" in marketing) 4. Define which channels would allow you to get in contact with your identified targets (think email, social media, stores, conférences/tradeshows ...), Test things out by going to some conferences, join some webinars, post on social media and see where you get most reactions5. Think about the various stages your targets could be at (still figuring out what they need and what budget they should prepare for vs already comparing 2 final solutions and being ready to buy)6. Craft campaigns for your different target groups, based on the various stages they could be at (eg: have a press release about your new solution then follow up sending email invites or posting on social media about a webinar that would cover some pain points your targets are experiencing, then put ads in front of them and promote a white paper to them through social media, then offer a free test and have sales call them to talk about it and offer special deals)7. Define the budget you would need based on your draft campaigns + set KPIs on your campaign, very important to see what's working or not8. Set things up, make sure you track / measure it all and launch! Test quickly, improve quickly :)Hope this helps!
Hi @laetitiadurselVery insightful indeed. Many thanks for the explanation.If you don't mind, I would like to know measurable strategies of reaching out to customers. In other words, after choosing the best medium to reach out to the customers, what are some ways to measure my strategy?
Sorry for responding so late! Ways to measure would depend on your goals for each channels & overarching goals for your campaigns. You'd set your KPIs before launching, some examples: # daily clicks on your ads, # free trials activated/used, retention rate, cost per acquisition, inversion rate of leads to sale, $ return on your initial investment etc... Does that make sense or were you asking for something else?
No need to say sorry, @laetitiadursel :)I appreciate all your answers. I was asking exactly that.But I also want to ask if you know of anyone or entity that runs and manages such marketing strategies, I would appreciate very much.
Yes, you could hire a marketing person as employee or externalize it with marketing consultants, whether freelance or from consulting companies, some focus on lead generation/marketing growth, that's what you'd want to look for, and make sure they have experience in the geographical region where you'd want that lead generation to happen (since stratégies would change considerably if it's in the US or Europe etc) and be specific on whether you want this for B2B or B2C as these require different skill sets :) I could suggest some companies or freelancers ii NYC, Belgium, France, UK, if you're interested? Or you can do some online research on LinkedIn or just Google :) And you should post your specific request on Elpha, there might definitely be some good match :)
Thank you very much @laetitiadursel I appreciate this very much :)
- Demand Gen based on content creation targeting buyers with advice on how to solve the problem - Do market research to understand where buyers hangout and write for them and in the channels they hangout (ex. SM, newsletters and industry media)- Outbound lead gen with Linkedin
Hi Clara,Thank you very much.Is Linkedin the only effective way to reach out to the customers?Have you have experiences with Twitter? Do you know anyone who is very successful at running such ads?Thank you once again.
For B2B LI is the best as you can target especially people with the keywords in their profile. Create relationships with them on twitter as well. I do not run ads on LI, but there a companies selling to B2B that do, you may find them here
Thank you very much for your answers :) I appreciate it