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Treat all feedback as a WIN

Receiving feedback means that a person took the time to review something and reply to you.

Whether it's negative, positive or neutral, it’s still a form of feedback that can be used in evaluating your progress. So anytime you get feedback is a win for you!

Feedback can come in many forms:

  • Interview feedback
  • Technical interview feedback
  • Rejection notifications
  • Requests for interviews
  • Requests for take-home test
  • Informational phone calls
  • Phone screens
  • Interviews with hiring managers
  • Referrals

Always ask for feedback after interviews, phone screens, informational calls.

You can even check-in at the end of answering questions during interviews by asking your interviewer, “Did that answer your question?”.

Do your best to get feedback at all points of the interviews and especially when you get rejections. Feedback from rejections can be a useful tool in evaluating the job search process. BUT don't take feedback to heart! because all feedback is not the same.

Use all feedback as a tool for moving onward with your job search. Treat all feedback as signs of progress!

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