How to respond to a company that is unorganized

I applied to a role last month, and a few days later, got a request for meeting availability. No sweat, I put it in, never got a confirmation.

Sent an email, never got a response.

Went to LinkedIn, found someone else, let them know the situation, and they checked on the role and said it was on hold (fine!)

This morning, I get a random calendar notif for later in the day. I don't know what information they have, but it seems there are two different lines of communication happening to them, and it's being passed onto me.

Looking for a polite way to say "When everyone is on the same page, maybe I'll apply again, for now, no thanks."

I've been struggling with this too. It can start to feel like you're having to babysit the recruiter when they do this. I'm going through this with a company right now and might just tell them I need a better sense of their timeline before I can move forward? I honest don't know, its a tough one but just wanted to respond and say I feel your frustration!
RED FLAG, and they should stop wasting your time!I'd either play dumb "Thanks so much for this. I am unclear what the notification is about, would you mind clarifying?" and see what they respond, they may never respondOr say "you were under the impression the role was paused so you've moved on with other processes" ...
I did that and got a "Sorry IF we..." which made me even more annoyed.
SMH! Proud of you for setting that boundary tho!
Maybe you can cc their boss/next level up? Be polite but show it has caused quite a lot of confusion due to the disorganization.
That definitely got done!
Sorry you had to deal with that! Recruiters like this need to be more organized and I don't think the company higher-ups are necessarily aware of the talent loss based on unprofessional and unorganized communication situations like this.
They don't care. Most of the companies I've worked at don't care about either employee experience or recruiter or HR experience; there's no cost in being unorganized.
True. More than once I've cc'd a higher up, saying "Your front line is unorganized", and never have I gotten a response.