Internship over 30 @ Microsoft

Hi everyone ☺

I've got an interview for an internship with Microsoft in 2 weeks for Customer Success Management. I'm currently getting my master's degree at the Technical University of Munich - I am originally from Dallas, TX but moved to Germany with my fiancé 5 years ago and he started working ( he is from Munich ) and I went to college. I started my bachelor's degree when I was 26 and now I am 31. I would be 32 when I start the internship and yea.. 32 seems a bit old to be an intern! My question is how should I address this in the interview? Or should I even address it at all? This is my first interview at a big tech company so any advice would be much appreciated!!

Congrats on getting the interview! Are you interviewing for MSFT Munich? Or one of the US office?I know some countries in Europe do ask for your age, but unsure about Germany. They don't need to know this. As a matter of fact, the only things you should be addressing are your skills and why you're the best suited for the role, period.FWIW You started your bachelor "later" than the average student, so it makes sense that you would be doing your internship now that said, this is also not a deal breaker. The question is do you want to be an intern?
Thanks so much for your reply! It’s for a position in Munich and yes I do have to put my age on my CV. And yes I do want to be an intern - I think it’s a great opportunity for me to get some experience. So I think I just won’t really bring it up. Thanks again :)
Okay! They will do the math if they feel so compelled (though Germany does everything a bit on the the later end e.g going to university, because the focus is on getting experience prior) but don't volunteer your age. If they have question, you can answer that it was personal reasons (your husband, immigration, getting your paperwork in place to start working/studying in a new country) and you have nonetheless worked super hard to get more experience as demonstrated by XYZ!