My First Time UX Youtube is Launched!

3 months ago, I read "Fail Fast, Fail Often" and Chapter 1 encouraged me to do what would make me feel happiest. So I spent my quarantine 2020 summer filming FTUX (first time user experiences) of different platforms, enterprise and startup, eventually coming up with a 4-part formula to evaluate the First Time UX of a product (this is the most direct correlation to churn, retention, and engagement). The name? PRODUCT SINS. Because it's a sin to waste customer's time.My #1 Learning: It doesn't MATTER how many engineers you have!> If you're building a platform with 200+ engineers like Microsoft Teams or 5, the first time UX is the most democratic experience. It's a make it, or break it 5min - where a prospective customer "gets it" or not. They receive some value, and decide if it's valuable/cool/noteworthy enough to invest more time.So...FTUX is insanely difficult! And I LOVE talking anyone's ear off about it. So I'm giving away 5 Free FTUX evaluations! No obligations (except to hear me talk your ear off about changes you can implement) past evaluation.Apply for one here! if you're super excited, send me an email @ [email protected]).Why FTUX is Insanely Difficult! [2min]
I completely agree! It is so hard! Great video!
That's so kind! Thanks!!!