Fractional Hiring for Women Tech Experts

Hi Ladies!

If you are a tech startup looking to hire experts (4 years experience and above) on a part-time remote basis or if you are a tech expert looking for part-time remote jobs, Fractional Hiring can help you both!

Do check the website or reach out to me directly.

- Rasheedat

Hi @rasheedatlawal I am interested in freelance/part-time work. I can work as a data analyst, business analyst, program manager, scrum master or product owner. Can I email over my resume and profile?
Hey @jasti2006,I appreciate the interest! You can sign up via this form and I will be sure to connect you to roles as soon as possible.Regards,Rasheedat
Just sent. Thanks!
Hey just giving feedback the payments are below Canadian and USA standards for product management based on the yr of experience requested by 50% - not including your (the agnecy) share. Great idea though 🙏❤️
Hi @anjelica217, Thanks for taking the time to check it out. I appreciate the feedback.The rates are lower because they are part-time roles. Does your comment still apply though?Regards,Rasheedat
Hi Rasheedat, Excited about this opportunity – applied on the google forms. Looking forward to hearing from you!