Looking to hire remote teams for your tech startup?

At Fractional Hiring, we are committed to helping startups overcome the daunting challenge of finding the right fit to grow their workforce.

We believe that women should have equal opportunities in the tech industry, and our platform is designed to promote gender diversity in the workplace.

We provide access to a network of highly skilled women tech professionals who are looking for remote work opportunities and our platform allows you to hire these professionals on a fractional basis.

As a tech startup, you will not only benefit from their expertise but also contribute to creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

Thank you so much for sharing Rasheedat! I am very curious! In the current economy, have you found that companies want to hire part time / fractional talent as a compromise to save costs on full time hire while getting support and expertise needed? Or not so much?
Hi,Thanks for the response.Yes, they do actually. Some seed-stage startups that are starting to expand hire part-time teams. I have worked with a couple of them and that's our target clients.
Oh good to hear this!