Join our team, Shape and Define the CANNABIS INDUSTRY

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This is so cool! If you want to chat about fundraising, feel free to send me an email at
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I actually have experience working in MJ regulation! I’d love to chat with you more! What’s the best way to reach you @JuliaLoniTurner?
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Hi @JuliaLoniTurner ! This project looks awesome! If you're still looking for someone to help with fundraising, I'd highly recommend Roger DaSilva (I've linked his LinkedIn here: Roger specializes in helping under-represented startups and founders create and execute business plans and raise capital. Feel free to send him an email at
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Thank you so much for sharing him with me! I will definitely reach out to him
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Hello Julia, I'm a UX Designer and I wanted to know if you needed help building up your product and in need of a website or app design.
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Hi Julia! I’m an Advertising student, concentrating in Emerging Media. If you need any help with social media coordination or digital designs, let me know!