Silver linings of 2020

Good morning, Elphas! I can't believe it's already the end of October of 2020! I can't tell if time went by incredibly fast or painfully slow. LOL! So my question is.... although COVID has brought so much unsettling grief to many of us to sick family members, isolation, possible deaths, no more traveling (the list can go on) , what are some of the silver linings that have come out of it for you? AND, I'd be curious to know if anyone has actually decided to move and live somewhere else since most of us are working remotely anyway. Share away!
I have noticed a few silver linings in general for everyone: (1) people connecting virtually that otherwise would not have likely met or ever connected do to distance, etc.; and (2) increased adoption of tech innovation in traditional industries resistant to tech. For example, I have medtech clients and have seen the medical industry much more open to adoption of the technology and closing deals faster. Additionally, as a lawyer, I have seen courts forced to adopt virtual hearings - something that otherwise would not have happened for another few decades given how slow they move to adopt tech.
Yes, connecting virtually with those that you may not have ordinarily thought to connect with. I have friends living in different countries that I never thought to hop on a VC with until quarantine. Great point. One thing I've really enjoyed seeing is how entrepreneurial people have gotten during this time as well. People have really started to hone on in on their creativity and it's been so inspiring.
Silver linings:A drop in pollutionLess commutingLearning new skills like baking and bread makingAppreciate of connection, relationships and friendshipsMaking new friends globallyBeing able to do things really easily virtuallyWarm Regards,Ekua
Yes, those beautiful pics where nature is really coming back like Venice waters was pretty amazing!
If it was not for a pandemic - 200 has been the best year yet for iynna :) Personally:1) I have grown a lot in the last few months: because I have been able to do tons of introspection - already knew before what I wanted in life but now everything is crystal clear! I also know my boundaries and what my non negotiables are in life (obviously there is always room to define those, but overall I am happy where I am right now) and I recommend everyone to figure that out! 2) I have learned a few things about myself: I am actually physically strong, and I run faster than ever... though right now I have a sprained ankle so that's less fun LOLProfessionally:1) Tested out a pivot on the way we were operating at work (COVID kinda forced us) and happy to report that it's been very successful so management is very happy2) My belief that the current VC model is broken and need to reinvent itself (for all sorts of reasons) has become stronger and I so look forward to being part of a generation of people whoo will fix that Overall, it's been a fantastic year, and I am exactly where I want to be at this point in my life! I also love being here because my goal is to spread similar energy and feed off that same virtual energy from other Elpha members.
What an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing. So sorry to hear about the ankle! I hope you have some folks to help you out. Wishing you a speedy recovery (one of my quarantine goals was a faster mile time, I definitely went in the opposite direction LOL)
Hi Hannah! My wife and I just moved from the Bay Area to rural Vermont to work remotely and be closer to her family. We bought our first house and are getting settled and cozy before winter hits. In between work meetings, I'm stacking firewood, watching the leaves fall, and tending to the garden. After so much stress and loss this year, these little things are bringing me joy and I'm so grateful to be here.-Hannah
Well, you have officially made me jealous.... That sounds SO LOVELY. I'm so happy for you and your family. Sounds like the move was perfect and much needed.
My silver lining was a big one. I was laid off due to covid (which was scary) and not only found a new job, but one that is actually much better suited to my career goals. That and actually calling my parents, friends :)
Such a good example of how things happen for a reason!
The main silver lining was that my husband was trying to leave the construction industry for YEARS before the pandemic... and he finally made the switch! It was just the right time, so he enrolled in a web development bootcamp (which he just graduated and did SO well in), and now it's time to job hunt (and get out of debt!)It's been strange and crazy but on a personal front, very exciting to see him try something new - and also have the capacity to have our kid at home for longer. We rotated some childcare with grandparents and it was hard... but great. <3 I've loved reflecting on this! Thank you for asking the question.