Online courses/masterclasses around the future of HR (culture, leadership development, etc)

Hi Elpha community! I'm a HR consultant at a big 4 firm specialising in "future of work" solutions, and most recently in light of covid - i.e. "how do we change the ways of working for a post-COVID world, looking holistically across office culture and property; tech, EVP; etc?" I anticipate this type of work only increasing, and I'm hoping to hone in on this and its link toward employee wellbeing, the latter being a personal passion of mine.My question is: are there any online courses/masterclasses that you know "teaching" on how HR as a function will transform, especially post-COVID? I'm thinking the default General Assembly may not be up to scratch here. I'm sure London has tonnes of great orgs and curator of founders willing to talk about this, but I'm struggling to find where to start! Any leads or insight would be very appreciated. Thank you!
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Hi! What you described (evolving the future of work) has been a focus of mine for nearly 20 years. My background is in Cognitive Neuroscience & Instructional Technology. Got my start at the HR Tech startup ProBusiness, we grew the company and it was acquired by ADP. I ran one of their Learning and Performance organizations for National Accts and left in 2017 to found Humaxa. (We provide the digital assistant that asks employees for workplace feedback, figures out what they need, and offers it up - right in the flow of work.) I'm not a master class, but if you'd like to talk sometime, just let me know. :)