Do you know anyone who's newly single or healing a broken heart? In 2020?

Starting early next month I'll be facilitating a weekly Healing Circle. Small cohorts will meet in a safe, confidential, and supportive online space to share stories, ask questions, and process difficult changes in their love relationships. And come away feeling calm and lighter.Sign-ups at will connect with others going through the same things, acquire tools to move forward consciously and confidently, and feel more energized and empowered to create a healthy future.
I love this! Could you share how you create the cohorts (any particular criteria you look for) ultimately how do you measure that someone will come out healed? Or do you envision this more as a peer-coaching environment?I'm very curious about the model :)
Wonderful. :) Please do share with anyone who'd benefit!!May I ask if you're interested in joining?I've simplified this time by offering just one cohort of 8 members -- an intimate environment for anyone who's newly single or processing past hurt. If I had multiple cohorts I might split by breakup type or gender... though my approach is to reduce how much we bring our identities into play.I've set it up as a 4-week commitment specifically so that the group persists beyond one meeting, even while each person shares and grows at their own pace. I have themes in mind for each week, designed to help folks let go and move forward.Healing is a non-linear process and won't happen in the same way for everyone...everyone is different! That is the expectation and this offering is low-touch....but that said a lot can happen in just 4 weeks...things will shift in the right direction for sure. :)Part of my vision (beyond these healing circles) is a larger online program that equips participants with all the tools and mindsets they'll need in order to arrive at that harmonious future -- that is in the works. Please let me know if you're interested!
HI @anubha wow thanks so much for the comprehensive response :-) At this stage in my life no, but it is definitely a resource I could have used 1.5 year ago ! It's great to know your program exists and thanks so much for doing it!
Glad you're better. My challenge is finding the right people at the right time. :P