Dear Elphas,

Radical career changes are often said to involve a leap or reinvention of some sort. But is that really true, and if not, what is the typical shape of a successful career change?

Over a timespan of two decades I've made several big career changes (tech --> academia --> tech --> coaching). I've also coached a number of clients through such transitions.

As I look back at my journey and that of others, I can't help but notice that our popular framings of big career changes are still mired in a paradigm that is on its way out.

If you're on a quest to find more fulfilling work and you suspect it might require a radical career change, please join me at a free workshop I'm offering this weekend:

I'll be sharing my learnings and debunking some of the myths that add confusion and friction to the process. My goal is to allay your fears and inspire new possibilities, so that you can take your career in a new direction with greater ease.



This sounds amazing and extremely relevant for me. Did you mean to post a link to the workshop?
Oh, yes, I see it shows up under the title but should have added it to the body. Here it is: love to see you there!
Oh I see it now! Thanks for reposting 😌