Tomorrow: a free interactive 1hr "Python Fundamentals" live workshop!

Hi everyone! Tomorrow, Moonrise Labs is having a free workshop covering some basic, but very important, software engineering fundamentals with Python. If you're new to learning how to code, this is a great workshop to be in!

I'll be there, and it'll be led by my partner. We'll be going through the content of this course so you can check out the curriculum in advance. You're also welcome to take the course anytime at your own pace, this workshop is just an opportunity for people who want to have their questions answered and learn in a community/group setting!

To join, you can either go through our events page and we will send you detailed instructions over email, or you can just head straight over to our Discord!

Hope to see some of you there! 🙏

PS - you won't need to download anything locally or set up any 3rd party accounts 🌟