Coaching/Community for Solopreneurs

Dear Elphas, nearly four years ago I transitioned from product management to coaching and I've been living the solopreneur life since. I still get questions every other week about the why and the how of the transition. The short answer is: I had to follow my inner knowing (and I'm glad I did). I certainly had no idea about the 'how' and it's been the most humbling and fulfilling exploration.

Being a solopreneur is extremely rewarding but it can feel like you’re opening the door to every unresolved issue in your life, especially because you're working solo. From discipline to energy management, from creative blocks to money woes, from overwhelm to self-doubt, the path can test you time and time again.

I'm now excited to announce a new coaching and community program for solopreneurs building a business that's rooted in a spirit of service and creativity.

The Soulopreneur Circle is an offering that came out of all the lessons I've learned on this path and that I wish I had when I got started. If you're curious, take a look at the program and DM me, or sign up for a discovery call on the webpage:

Happy to support any of you considering solopreneurship!



Love that you're doing this and I can absolutely agree that being a solopreneur can be extremely isolating and having safe spaces to find friends who can relate to your feelings is so important.
Thanks so much @iynna! Yes! And to staying accountable, moving forward, helping brainstorm, get through blocks.
all of this!