Any recommendations for gaming recruitment agencies / headhunters?

Hi Elphas, this is probably a very specific ask, would appreciate any leads!

A friend of mine is a Lead Game Artist and worked on games that won awards from PlayStation etc. They are based in a country in Asia but would like to find a job in North America and relocate there. I used to work in Talent Acquisition but none of my contacts are in North America. Would anyone have recommendations of agencies they could get in touch with?

Would also appreciate any tips for joining gaming job communities or gaming job boards!

Thanks a lot in advance 🙏

Hi Annie! You came to the right place, as a matter of fact, we doooo! Check @camismith out she actually did an OH for us earlier this year we have some elphas who have been working in gaming for a bit, perhaps they have thoughts and can connect @JenYi, @jessziyuezhang, @hollyster @JuliaXu (who is well versed in web3 as well) Good luck to you and your friend !!!
Wow this is so helpful! Thank you so much Iynna! I'll definitely ask my friend to reach out to Cami, thanks again!
If you friend is an elpha member, then they can reach out there too or on linkedin!