Career / job search coaches who have experience with neurodivergent clients?

Hi Elphas, happy holidays!

Someone reached out and asked me if I have experience working with clients with autism and social anxiety. Unfortunately I don't have any experience, but maybe someone in the community has any leads and can help them better? Or if anyone has good resources on coaching people who are neurodivergent? Much appreciated 🙏

hi Annie! a very important question to address. I don't but I have some thoughts (starting with what I think might be the most relevant for you) - @MichaGoBig is a coach and neurodivergent so might be the best fit for you - @kategasparrinilicsw had recommended someone before ( maybe check that out and arrange a chat!- @dawns is a career coach so maybe she has some insights to share as well- @millytamati is building a resource for career coaching and job search for folks who are generalists/jacks of all trade, and she did some research in the community so she might have some thoughts (separately look here i'd recommend following this thread in case the OP has some updates
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anything for you, Annie!
Hi Annie! Ive had clients with these qualities. If you can share more, perhaps I can support them. Email me or send a Linkedin DM.
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Amazing! I'll share your contact with them Anna, thanks so much!
Not qualities - they're conditions.
Hi @annieli, my coaching focus is on people dealing with a horrible boss or a toxic team, but I don't have specific experience with clients with autism and social anxiety. I hope that the right contacts get in touch with you. Happy New Year!
Thank you so much Dawn!
Hi Annie! I work with folks who experience anxiety and neurodivergent (ADHD, not necessarily autism specifically). My work is holistic - less about what exactly to write on your resume and more about alignment, confidence, anxiety reduction, and clearly articulating your strengths in a way that lands. Primarily leadership and communication coaching. If this sounds like it may work for them, they are welcome to reach out to me [email protected]
Hi Sara, thanks for sharing! I'll forward your contact to them and let them know ๐Ÿ™Œ
Sounds good, Annie!๐Ÿ™Œ