Can anyone recommend an amazing career coach?

ASK: I'm building out our Generalist World Careers Corner - and I'm looking for recommendations for AMAZING career coaches you've worked with.

You get extra 🍪's if they're experienced with generalist / ops / strategy / chief of staff type folks

(ps: coaches, you can throw your name in the hat but pls tag happy clients for proof of work)

And, go..... 🎊

I'd love to throw my name in the mix! I help folks in product & engineering navigate their careers and you can check out more about me here -
Amazing! Added your link to our database. Thanks Shamsheer! :)
Woohoo tagging the wonderful @MaggieRuvoldt (not sure if you are a coach haha but you have given some amazing feedback to people here so figure I'd tag you here), and then @sarahing @WenlinT @TheStartupWhisperer
Thanks for the tag. I do some executive coaching. Right now I'm too swamped to take on new client though.
I'm not surprised you're too good <3
Thanks for the tag Iaynna! One of my fab career coach connections Anna Morgan (PERSONAL LINKEDIN - BUSINESS PAGE LINKEDIN ) feel free to tell Anna that I (Kellie O Hara) sent you. She is AWESOME at what she does and also a genuinely authentic personable person.Additionally, Im founder of a talent agency focused on foundational talent for startups. I keep a DB of talent for present and future roles with my clients/portfolio startups/recruiter network. Feel free to reach out if you would like to be on our DB or have a general chat about your journey :D
Love to hear about your talent agency! What is foundational talent? like early exec/leadership employee?
Hi Iynna, In the startup space (unless it is a scale stage startup) there won't be CSUITE roles, but do need senior talent level to execute effectively.My startup talent agency is Empire Headhunters I'm also VP of people in Startup ROI AI accelerator program "concept to traction" and EHH is the preferred partner RE sourcing talent for the portfolio startups. With both, I source crucial initial foundational talent, fractional & cofounders to execute operations, marketing, fundraising, portfolio management, sales, partnerships etc....EHH we focus on growth startups (full-time employees)SROI are early portfolio startups and usually equity &/or profit sharing basedWhen I am sourcing for talent (either internally or externally when my close recruiting network are looking for talent) I keep a "talent database" which I search first before going public. My objective is to fill that DB with strong female talent so when a match role arrives I have a strong DB of females that I can place first in line with the role. I never make promises to place the talent, but I do promise to always be on the lookout for a match!Would love to connect on LinkedIn
Tysm Innya! For everyone who's been tagged, if you'd like to be included in our database I'd be happy to take a look at your websites :)
Of course! Tell us more about Generalist World? :)
thanks for the tag @iynna! Milly, my website is and has testimonials from a few Elpha members too.
Tysm Madeline! @tracysaunders if you'd like to be included in our database I'd be happy to take a look at your website :)
Hi @millytamati Sure! It's Thank you!
Checking out now... thank you!!
I have had an incredible time working with David Klemenz. It started when he was an HRBP at Segment, I would go to him for help solving my people questions and issues, my own discomforts and how to alleviate them, etc. I was SO BUMMED when he left the corporate world to do his own thing, but what he left to do was become a career and exec coach! I started paying him from my work stipend for self improvement, and when I changed jobs I started paying out of pocket just to keep working with him. There's nothing that I bring him that I don't feel lighter, better, more composed after just one session, usually about 45 minutes in. First session is free. You won't regret it. Seriously!
Amazing, thanks so so much!!
Hi there! I'll throw my name in there as well :D. I help people that are mid-career grow into leadership roles.
@mindyworel is such a fantastic human being and it's amazing working with her!
heyyy, I've used a lot for both career coaching but also finding senior advisors who can help with role/functional questions.