As females we should always be actively trying to support other females.

This could be as simple as being a sounding board, celebrating small or large wins, sharing a publication on their behalf or making an intro to someone that might help their career.

I'm always expanding my female network and open to supporting (if I can).

Let's connect on LinkedIn if you feel the same :D

This is such a generous ask, Kellie! Excited to have you as part of the community. We have so many Elpha members who could use some of your guidance tagging some who have either reached out for specific guidance in the past few weeks to find a new gig or simply shared their experiences with finding a new role @hollybetts @justinenicol @Daree @doowats @renataoleo @BridgetG @marinaandriichenko @marialopezmph @brendahtuzu Okay hopefully this is a nice list of people you can meet!
Thank you Iynna much appreciated! Looking forward to chats with some superfantastical females from this community!
This is so sweet, @iynna! Thanks for the tag. I actually talked to Kellie last week and she is AWESOME! Just an all-around genuine and lovely human 🥰
Ahh thank you @renataoleo it was truly a pleasure speaking to you and looking forward to continued weird and wonderful chats in the near future!
Thank you @iynna for the support and @TheStartupWhisperer for starting this thread. I'm grateful that this community exists and to be apart of it, every bit of support is welcome and appreciated 😇
Likewise @justinenicol :D
Hi Kellie, I am actively trying to build my network and would love to connect. I just sent you a LinkedIn request!-
Received your lI connection and looking forward to chatting @nataliehoop
Hi Kellie, Thank you so much for making yourself available to others, that is truly generous. I am currently in the job search process and would love to connect. I am looking for project/program manager roles and my expertise is in operations and supply chain strategy.
Most welcome @CarolinaGomez I look forward to chatting. Feel free to send me a LinkedIn request - Kellie O Hara "The Startup Whisperer" :D
Kellie, Thank you so much for making this offer. I'm working on building my network, both for my current job search and for the future so I'll send a LinkedIn connection request!I also want to support others however I can so anyone please reach out even if it's just to have a listening ear.
Looking forward to chatting Michelle, will be on the lookout for the linkedIn connection!
Thanks Kellie! I'm sending you a LinkedIn request. I'm a co-founder and PM in the health tech space looking for the next opportunity! I've been consulting for startups in the meantime and would love to chat more about it with you.
Happy to chat @kassandrahobart :D
hey Kellie! thank you for asking this question 🌱 It's so amazing to see it, especially when it's usually me asking it hahaI'll be happy to connect with you, hope to create some nice things together!best Rita
Hey Rita LOL happy days I love when other female love to support each other. Sometimes that support is as simple as providing intros to other awesome females :D Would love to connect and chat on Linkedin