If you are job searching, and want to work at startups…

If you are job searching, and want to work at startups…💡It’s a good idea to get on the radar of those who operate in, & are decision-makers within the startup ecosystem.💡Like accelerators, incubators & startup focused talent providers💡They are your way in💡🔥Network Network Network🔥Don’t wait aimlessly until a role is already available because if you:➡️ develop a genuine rapore➡️ are on their radar➡️ fit the criteria…when a fitting role arrives, you have a very good chance of snagging it!I operate in, & am a decision-maker within the startup ecosystem.Want to chat about roles in startups?

Get your details on our radar by sharing your background hereMy inbox is this way ➡️🤪  Kellie O Hara"The Startup Whisperer"#jobseekertips #startupjobs #thestartupwhisperer #talentagency Empire Headhunters

Fantastic advice! These days it's key to be proactive about it and not rely on the traditional ways!
Absofrikinlootely on point! Anything a job hunter can do to raise their visibility is a plus in this market.
Appreciate this advice!! And taking it.
Most welcome Rachel! Even if a fitting role is not available right now, the startup space changes quickly and more are always around the corner.
For sure. Reached out on LI. I have a little bit of runway, but am looking to bring my expertise in marketing and digital to impact something meaningful.
Accepted your invite Rachel. Looking forward to chatting!
Thanks for the invite! Looking to build connections and refine my brand. Love being part of something from the ground up.
Likewise Wendi It's an ever-changing, multi-hat-wearing exciting and overwhelming journey all at the same time LOL. Always open to connecting with innovative people (especially females) who empower each others' journeys.