In the startup space (unless it is a high growth scale stage startup) there won't be CSUITE roles, but they do need excellent senior talent level to execute effectively.

My startup talent agency is Empire Headhunters

I'm also VP of people in Startup ROI AI accelerator program "concept to traction" where we provide 1-1 support to startup founders in order to grow effectively in preparation for bootstrapped or funded growth.

EHH is the preferred partner RE sourcing talent for our portfolio startups.

With both, I source crucial initial foundational talent, fractional & cofounders to execute operations, marketing, fundraising, portfolio management, sales, partnerships etc....

EHH we focus on growth startups (part-time & full-time employees)

SROI are early portfolio startups and usually equity &/or profit sharing based

When I am sourcing for talent (either internally or externally when my close recruiting network are looking for talent) I keep a "talent database" which I search first before going public.

My objective is to fill that DB with strong female talent so when a match role arrives I have a strong DB of females that I can place first in line with the role.

I NEVER make promises to place the you...

...but I DO PROMISE to always be on the lookout for a match!

NEXT STEPS: if interested in being on our talent DB


Complete this talent DB form and provide as much details as possible (including links to projects) to show your talents & personality! This will be shared with potential matches if they arrive.


Connect with me on LinkedIn with a note quoting this post


Schedule a call with me to discuss your talent intake form details

PS - there is a term called "generalist" with a focus on certain catagories (example: marketing).

I am coining a new term to replace "generalist" called "multi-hat" which means the same thing but gives a better understanding of how important this excellent this talent is!

Be sure to include this in your talent intake form if this is you :D

PPS - Are you a startup sourcing new talent?

Let's connect on LinkedIn to discuss cost-effective options to find your talent!

Hope to chat soon!

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