What are the tools / websites / resources that have really helped you on your job search?

Following on from a great thread on career coaches (thanks everyone!)

What are the tools / websites / resources that have really helped you on your job search? I'm looking to collate them in our Careers Corner

I feel like it's too early to say "helped", but I use to find positions that may not be posted anywhere else. I'm also really intrigued by what Ramped is doing in this space
Oooh great x2. Thanks very much Natalie!
For those who are having issues with interviewing and storytelling, The Self-Made Millennial ( has some great tools to help you with those tough questions. I love her worksheets to help you find your strengths and provide you with actionable items to transform your resume/LinkedIn Profile. She also does career coaching (paid service) and has a great YouTube channel that goes more in depth on some topics. Her insights helped a LOT during my transition back into the job market after being with the same company for 17 years.
Teal ( is a great resource for job seekers!