Giving Grace to Myself

Whew! It has between a month! Between preparing the store for inventory, updating pads for gameplans, and training many new hires, I did not have the energy for coding. And I felt tremendous guilt.The same questions and thoughts kept plaguing my mind:-If you wanted a new career, you would study.-If you can't handle working full-time and studying, do you want it?-Maybe you aren't cut out for this. A real hustler gets up at 5 study until 8 get ready for work at 9, overworks by staying until 630 (even though you are scheduled to leave at 5--gotta finish that project yourself; don't ask for help), go home, eat, working on other coding projects until 11 then fall asleep listening to coding videos on Youtube. {You must not want this} 😓The toxicity is real.... and in my head.In college, I remember learning about the locus of control. Bootcamp is self-paced (a real blessing) so I took advantage of it. I choose to focus on my job because it is my main income. I choose to focus on sleeping and eating as best as possible.In the end, I gave myself grace. And I couldn't be prouder. 😊

Go you! While it can be very stimulating to be a high functioning person, it's not always going to be sustainable and you must find your own limits (they will not look like the next person, but as long as they make sense to you, it's all that matters!)
I know I did the right thing but the critic in me is still judgy. However, previous experience has taught me, that anytime I go hardcore, I crash and become sick. So, I am taking it easy especially with flu season coming up!
As you should!