You’re Perfect in Your Own SkinHttps://

You’re perfect. 🤍

I have been reflecting on my relationship with the female body lately. I spent so much time wanting to disown myself there were layers of dis-ease built into me.

I was “diagnosed” with fibromyalgia at 12 years old (one day I’d love to write a book on what I think that means, but for now plenty of other people already have) and spent years just believing someone needed to FIX me.

I consented to loads of hormones pumped into my body - to prevent pregnancies of my own and then again and again to give that same gift to others in exchange for rent money. 🪺

This abuse on our bodies is normalized.

Tuck this.

Change this.

Numb this.

Buy more.

Hide that.

When I first started MM at 23 years old, I focused a lot on Self Love. Our Self Love challenges on Facebook had over 100 active members committing to daily devotions to their own miraculous selves. This changed me on a cellular level.

And then I witnessed Birth. 🤩

Those most precious moments when a baby has just been born … a mother reaches down and her soft body picks up that precious new life and clings to them. “You’re safe, baby.”

As she cleans herself up to slip into bed, she peeks in the mirror at her soft, swollen belly where her baby just grew under the ruffles of her lil diaper. She gives herself a little belly rub and I smile. You’re so perfect.

When I see a woman’s body, rounded and scarred with stories to tell and love to give- I truly am in awe. Society’s standards have been shut down here because I have been gifted opportunities to witness the beauty of a woman’s body over and over again.

I am truly unimpressed by your ‘nip and tuck’ or your fake hair. That’s not what makes you so beautiful. Show us who you are, and what you’re really made of.

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