The Art & History of Women's Circles

The Art & History of Women's Circles

Women have been gathering in circle since ancient times to:

  • share wisdom and stories
  • learn from each other
  • deepen their connection
  • support one another in healing and wellness

In all nature-based cultures, women gathered in circles to discuss spiritual matters, share stories, and make decisions. They gathered to share herbal remedies, sing, and celebrate the changing of the seasons. Some even gathered to birth their babies, being fully supported by the wise women of their communities.

This art of gathering in circle was lost overtime in our culture, largely in part because of witch trials and demonizing of women in medicine or healing. Later, circles of wise women diminished more as women began entering the workforce during the Industrial Revolution.

In modern times, women circles have regained popularity as we connect back to our roots and focus on healing through building community. Women are creating safe spaces for other women to come together and share their experiences, explore their feelings, and support each other.

Women that attend these circles and gatherings report:

- increased self-awareness

- improved self-esteem

- a sense of belonging in community.

Additionally, circles can help build connections, provide emotional and spiritual healing, and help women to find their voices and reclaim their power. Women's circles can be incredibly powerful and transformative when women come together to share their stories and lift each other up.

Here is an outline you can use to create a memorable event to celebrate with your friends:

  1. Meditation Circle: Begin the gathering with a meditation circle and bring awareness to the gratitude filling the room for one another. You can use calming music or guided meditations to help set the tone.
  2. Gratitude Journaling: After meditation, prompt each to take a few minutes to write down what they are grateful for in their friendships. This exercise can help deepen the appreciation for one another.
  3. Sharing Circle: Once everyone has had a chance to journal, come together in a sharing circle. Each person can share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences on friendship. This exercise can be an excellent opportunity to learn more about each other and the bonds that exist between you. It may also be a space for women to heal wounds from past friendships and experiences.
  4. Blessing Ceremony: End the gathering with a blessing ceremony. You can light candles and offer sweet sentiments to each other. If you have been to camp before, you can use techniques from heart-to-heart if you want to get really connected! This ceremony can be a powerful way to honor the oneness of every woman in the room and to express gratitude for the spiritual connections that bind you together.

Photo by Tia Esther Creative at MM Spiritual Summer Camp 2023

Women's groups/circles have been a strong part of history and is universal! It's great to see when women come together and genuinely support each other, as there can also be a lot of hate/backstabbing happening. I've noticed it firsthand sadly.
Thank you so much for reading and connecting!! Sending you lots of love and healing, I’m sorry you have those firsthand experiences!
I'd love to connect with you to learn more about you + what you're putting out into the world. I believe in supporting each other as small business owners.
@KQ let's connect! I'll give you a follow over on IG <3