With the rebranding and gutting of Twitter (I will not call it X), many smaller outlets are moving, not only to Threads, ChetaChat, Spill, and BlueSky (which one of those did I just make up?), but back to Tumblr.

And they’re finding it much different than they remember. Heck, it's confusing to me, and I spent a lot of time there.

Jenn and Emma of Minorities in Publishing reached out to me through a mutual friend for a project; Bring their tumblr page up to date stylistically with interconnectivity with other platforms.

A lot of the feed functionality has been eliminated, but I still:

📗 Brought the team up to speed on how modern Tumblr works.

📙 Fixed outdated side pages with a template for easy updating

📒 I installed a new theme (There’s credit on the site to the original creator)

It was fun to work on a project that supports a cause I can get behind -- Showcasing diversity institutions are trying to ignore.

You can find the page here 📖

LFG @MorganLucas, your expertise deserves to be seen by many! Keep up your great work!
Thank you Iynna!