Often new founders have heard this term, but don't know what it means...It is a concise and persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what you provide. It should be no longer than a short elevator ride, hence the name, be clear (no jargon), and should be able to capture someone's attention and leave them wanting to know more.A good pitch clearly conveys a solution that resonates/aligns with your ICP, while encouraging a connection.

1️⃣  Picture yourself getting into an elevator ground floor with your ICP (ideal customer profile).

2️⃣  Each floor on average takes maybe 10 seconds. So, you have 10 seconds to pique the initial ICP interest between the ground floor and the first floor.

3️⃣  The objective is to get the ICP interested enough before you hit the 1st floor in order to to ask you more questions.

4️⃣  If the ICP likes what they hear and wants to know more, you move to the 2nd floor and are permitted to add some more context about your UVP (unique value proposition)

5️⃣  Each time the ICP likes what they hear, you move up another floor and have more time to elaborate and provide a deeper understanding.

🔥 But, you MUST clearly grab that attention on the ground floor, otherwise you don't get to move to the 1st floor conversation. 🔥

Remember, "confused minds do not buy", so leave the technical jargon at home. Simples.Let's play a game and see who can move up to the top floor ... share your elevator ground floor pitch below 🙂

PS opinions may vary, I only speak to my own and if I would like to know more. 💃

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It's interesting that new founders are not familiar with the term, i thought it was a rather well-known term since it is also uses in the context of networking, job searching etc. people are often told to hone their elevator pitch when they want to intro themselves to others! thanks for this write up and clearing the air!