Life Design workshop to kick of 2024 in the right way 🎆

Hey Elphas,

I wanted to invite you for a Life Design online workshop on 16th of January - a place where in 3h of deep thinking and great questions you design your "big" life vision and connect it with the tangible, practical immediate next steps.

It is a workshop that will LAUNCH not just into dreaming bigger but also into making that dream a reality!

The workshop is designed to get you out of overthinking and getting stuck into a motivated mindset with full clarity on your next plans and steps.

While on the website it is already the new prices for 2024 and the dates for March, I decided to offer the workshop one more final time at the heavily discounted price for January workshop.

I am offering it at this price ONLY at the Happiness Academy newsletter, in a couple of closed communities, and to my direct network, and only for the January workshop.

The current planned date is January 16th at 18h CET (evening for Europe, early afternoon for US) - but other timeslots might be possible depending in the interest, so do get in touch if this date/time doesn't fit.

Discounted pricing for January (instead of current 97 euros) is 65 euros for payments till end of the year, or 55 euros early bird for payments until 22nd of December.

Details about the workshop:

I would love to see you there - and help you build an AMAZING year ahead.