If you can wake up tomorrow....

Take a second to just breathe, Elphas. Deep breath. Okay one more and slowly....Now... what if you woke up tomorrow and you can do ANYTHING at all, don't think about circumstances, skill, experience, responsibilities. What would you be doing? What would you be pursuing? For me? I think I'd be a baker! I'd literally try new recipes all day. There's something so therapeutic about mixing and kneading, turning nothing into something. Okay now Your turn! What would you be doing?
Thank you for the reminder that I meant to make bread today. :) There's at least one up-side to being stuck at home all the time....I would write fiction.
Baking bread is definitely on my to-do list!When's the last time you sat down and wrote something?
18/19 days for the month so far. :) I'm working on the dream, no worries. Is there a recipe sharing group here?
Not that I've seen @RebeccaStevenson... would be a fun post / community! 👏
Working on the dream, love it! Let us know once you get your masterpiece out there!Ohhh a recipe sharing group, that would be awesome! I haven't gone through a lot of the content on here but did a quick search for "recipes" using the function at the top of the page and I do see a few posts revolved around cooking. I'll have to check it out when I can.
Living in Johannesburg or Cape Town and meet with tech founders all day long to advise them on their business. A bit of what I do now but for African founders :)
I have a close friend from Johannesburg and she has the most beaaaautiful accent. I hope I can visit some day. I hope you pursue your consulting skills on the tech level someday! Are you working on expanding now?
Haha it’s a gorgeous accent :) though not the one I have!Thank you - doing this right now and want to do more of this in the future + invest directly in some of these startups!
Be a bad ass Data Savvy & loving life.
I would bet that you're doing this already today! :)
The future of work - teaching people how to become compassionate leaders.
YES!! So needed. Are you pursuing this?? And if not, how come?
I'm considering it.
Me too!
Aaaaanything? I would go to MIT and study data science.
Love this question! A VC focused on investing in orgs that aim to improve and equalize the quality of life for women in the developing world.
Check out new fund :)
Thanks! This one is Europe focused - I want to back entrepreneurs in developing world :)
Working at NASA JPL. Being surrounded by really smart people doing incredible work on robots would be an unbelievable experience. ☺️
Saaaame! Let's do it.
I woke up and wish I commented something like an actress
Traveling the world, and writing about it 😻
That would be AMAZING!!!! Once the quarantine life is over, you should plan a trip and write about it! Start one trip at at time. Don't forget to take photos so we can live vicariously through you :)
Ha! Yeah right. I have two young kids, a mortgage and bills to pay. BUT, one day maybe I can make it a reality 😎
This is a fun question, but most importantly thanks for reminding me to take a deep breath because i did and I needed it.
Me too!
Become a DJ and a yoga instructor!
Whenever you want to lead an informal yogi session, let us know! lol
Since I'm too old to become a professional tennis player, I'll go with watercolor artist (which is my hobby now). (btw, so fun to read everyone's responses!)
What about a watercoloring, tennis player combo! :) And agreed, it IS fun seeing where everyone's passions are.
Love this! I’d travel the world. Meet new people. Experience new cultures.
I took that experiment to heart and that’s why I started Prism! It sometimes still feels like just a crazy experiment because the decision to do it was not rational and based on experience and there’s still so much I’m worried I don’t know yet, but you only live once! So do a little bit of something crazy that scares you or you won’t grow. Even if it’s just on the side.
Honestly? I'd continue doing what I'm doing - data analytics in the travel industry while pursuing a master's in data science to further develop my skills. However, I'd love to be able to take a month off every year to travel. Or be able to work abroad and move to a new country every few months.
I've been thinking about this question for a few days. And I finally figured it out, I would be a cook book author. I would specialize in baking cook books.
You know what is so interesting about this?? That our lives get SO hectic that it takes a few days to figure out what we're really passionate about! I love that you put in thought into this and my hope with this question is that it lights a fire in somebody else because it's definitely where my head has been at lately.ALSO, looking forward to reading through your future cookbook :)