Passed Capital One Power Day, but not offered a Sr. Associate PM job

Hi! Thanks for providing this space to share my experience searching for a job in Product.

I applied to a few Senior Associate Product Manager positions at Capital One, and my resume was picked up for two of the open positions. After going through the interview process and successfully passing Power Day, both of the positions have rejected me due to not being a perfect fit.

Has anyone else had this experience? I am hoping that I am eligible for other open positions of the same title at Capital One, but I am just unclear as to how I passed Power Day, but haven't had the chance to speak to a hiring manager yet.

What is Power Day?
Power Day is the "final round" where you have 4 back to back interviews in one day, and they have a consensus meeting to determine whether you've passed or not. It includes a business analyst case, a product design interview, a product skills interview, and finally a job fit interview. I was told by recruiter that once you successfully pass a Power Day, you qualify for any position of the same title as the one you were applying for. Basically that passing Power Day = getting an offer.
I’ve had this happen to me but they actually decided to close the position and not hire for it pre-covid. I would reach out to the recruiter and ask to be considered for other teams in case something comes up.