Why Job Search Targeting is your next-level unlock in your job search

Targeting isn’t just about landing interviews.

A job seeker recently said to me, “I know targeting is your thing, but what do you do once you get into the interview?”

But here’s the secret:

Targeting 𝙞𝙨 the strategy.

When you have a highly targeted strategy, everything else falls into place.

→ Once you hone in on your target, every bullet of your resume speaks to those targets.

→ The company research you do informs all your opportunities, not just the one in front of you.

→ The stories you craft are relevant across every interview.

→ Your confidence grows as you get more and more familiar with what hiring teams are looking for, because you'll start to recognize many of their priorities are similar.

→ And momentum starts to build in your search so that you can more quickly land that offer.

When I see posts that someone finally landed their offer after 4 months, 250 applications, 10 recruiter screens, and 3 final interviews, I shake my head. Because I can almost guarantee there was a strong theme to the companies in that batch of 3 final interviews…

When you align targeting with industry-optimized positioning and the human hiring element like we do inside my Inevitable Edge Method, all the pieces fall into place for a job search that's less scattered, less stressful, and far easier to land opportunities to that truly to your strengths and your goals.