The most frustrating kind of feedback you can receive (and what to do about it)

For Senior, Manager, Director, and VP-level job seekers on the market right now:

Every gone all the way through multiple rounds of an interview process, spent dozens of hours of prep creating a delivering presentations, meeting multiple interviewers, only to be told you "just weren't quite strong enough"?

Here's why it happens, and exactly what to do about it:

Somewhat unrelated! I know of someone who worked at Amazon for her Product internship (part of the MBA internship program they run). She had to deliver an end of internship presentation (about the project she'd been working on) and her boss legit told her in front of everyone "this was the worst presentation I've seen in my career"... YIKES! She was so upset and eventually cried in the meeting.I felt really badly for her and thought about that manager and how they needed a lesson on how to deliver *helpful* feedback!
Oof! Maybe Amazon should think about adding "Have humanity" into those Leadership Principles...