Thoughts on GPT3/AI in the workplace?

What do you think about allowing your team access to OpenAI & GPT3? Do you think it could be a useful tool for boosting productivity and saving time?

Personally, I'm pretty excited about this technology. So excited, in fact, that I'm considering giving my entire company access to it and encouraging them to use it to augment their work and save them time.

However, one big concern I'm grappling with is the risk of making some of my teammates who might be wary and hesitant about these tools uncomfortable. Not everyone is as trusting or open to AI tech as I am. If they don't want to use it that's totally fine, but I also don't want them to feel excluded or feel like their job is in jeopardy.

Does anyone have tips on implementing new tech like this? Any pitfalls I can keep an eye out for?

I think with the appropriate education and training sessions, using AI will level up every player on your team. The apprehension is understandable, there have been considerable concerns around ethical data sourcing for training AI (mostly in relation to "art generation"), and general concerns around whether or not AI will replace real humans. The biggest selling point for me was my increased efficiency, and the notion that it's not AI that will replace me, but people using it that will. I think AI is grossly misunderstood, and some applications of it are ethically concerning, but ChatGPT is a phenomenal tool to increase understanding, skill, efficiency, and more, but proper training on how to use it is also pivotal. You can end up with some absolute non-sense if that step is skipped!
I am not sure about any other use case, but my developers were using chatgpt to derive solutions for support task!