Meet ThoughtfulPost - an app that helps you appreciate your unique relationships and level-up your gift giving!

🌻 Growing up, my Mom was our family’s relationship database. You could ask her “When’s Aunt Jodi’s birthday?” “When does our cousin graduate from college?” “Which Uncle is allergic to wheat/milk again?” “What birthday present did we get for grandma 3 birthdays ago?” The list could go on and on.... But it wasn’t until I got much older when I learned to appreciate just how much mental energy she invested in caring deeply for people.

As I'm sure many of us here in the Elpha community can appreciate, maintaining relationships requires a strong foundation of shared experiences and heartfelt effort. Whether your relationships are local or long distance, this effort requires a lot more energy than most people realize. It seems that many women take on most of the "Thoughtful Responsibility" within their households/families.

So think of ThoughtfulPost as your Personal Relationship Hub! We use natural language processing, machine learning, and collaborative surveys to help you come up with creative ways to show the people in your life that you care about them.

From remembering an important moment, generating a creative idea that honors their unique culture/creed, and following through on your plan; coordinating a truly thoughtful gesture can be tricky because each piece of "thoughtful responsibility" runs in different parts of the brain. With ThoughtfulPost, we’ll bring everything into one place! You’ll plan gestures big, small, and sometimes for no reason at all, because we believe there’s always an opportunity to be thoughtful!

Now we can’t all be like my mom, no matter how hard we try, but Thoughtful Post is our attempt to give everyone a set of tools to enhance our relationships. Let’s give moms & thoughtful women everywhere a break, because Thoughtful Women are people not Databases.

We are live in both Apple & GooglePlay App store and would love to hear what you think! Here's a quick demo to give you a sense of what we've built!