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Hey Ivana, Thank you for sharing a beautiful story. Also, Hello from fellow Indonesian who started from nothing and only had a big dream. I would love to connect with you more, I'm building startups for FinTech donation. I'll send you a PM and hopefully, we can meet in Amsterdam :)
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Thanks for this, Ivana! I've been trying to measure my success by my own standards of happiness recently and have been finding ways to apply this to my professional life too. This is random, but I would love to learn more about where you go for inspiration in Amsterdam/the Netherlands? I also come from humble backgrounds and have struggled, but am interested in cultural, social and educational experiences that go beyond the norms of Western or European standards of beauty and creative edification.
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Thanks for reading! For me, most of my ideas/inspiration coming from a combination of absorbing tons of information from books/blogs about things that I care about (maybe for you would be meetups with the topics you love, theatre shows, or museums?) and a long walk in nature or silence. It's like a meditative experience for me - the secret is to give myself a space to balance my brain between massive input of information and time to process (for valuable output, hopefully)PS: I am introvert though so I need time for myself. I can imagine extroverts would prefer to discuss their thoughts with like-minded people.Hope it helps! :)
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Hi there, fellow Indonesian here! Your story is very inspiring. Best of luck!
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Thank you @fannysurjana
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Thank you for sharing! Such an amazing and empowering story! Also 100% on the value of the positive impact!