Which CRM tool are you using ?

Hi Y'all I'm currently using and always looking for other CRM tools to try for affordable monthly price (cos I'm an early startup founder) and simple to use interface. I mainly use features like calling , call forwarding , email sequences , notes. Which CRM tools are you all using ? Likes ? Dislikes ?
Hi Shalvi,If you're looking for in all-in-one tool that houses CRM and workflow management (i.e. calling, email sequencing, etc), then Close is your most reliable bet.Unfortunately, CRM is not a great place to trim costs on, unless it's absolutely necessary. The great ones are all expensive and the crappy ones will cost you... in lost deals. Those helpful features that remind you to follow up with the right contacts at the right time are pure gold.Other CRMs I love are Salesforce classic and Hubspot, but they require separately integrated workflow tools to get what you're already getting with Close. It sounds like you most likely have the perfect fit for your needs.
Thank you Farren. I had a look over Hubspot and I agree with you on integration part. Also After looking at so many tools I have gathered this though in my mind about pricing vs features. so I completely agree with you on that. Currently I am exploring Zoho as many other founders recommended for that.
Hey @shalvi , I believe what makes a good CRM are 3 things: 1. Allows you to do what YOU need as a company/team. 2. automation automation automation automation automation automation3. Is simple enough to customize and use - meaning you won't just pay and not use it (your team needs to use it heavily) I personally had a bad experience with salesforce lightening. I know it is an amazing CRM, but I'm not happy with it. It did allow for automation, but it is not easy to customize nor use. My team is not getting the value from our subscription. It's too complex for our simpler needs. I'm currently in the process of finding a new CRM. So far, I'm really interested in Pipedrive. It's simple, has automation, emailing, scheduling, and a unique activity monitoring. I recommend checking it out if you are not happy with your amazing CRM. Best of luck, let us know how it goes for you!
We use Boostr and love it!