Holiday gift ideas for a distributed team?

I run a distributed team with folks in different countries (US / Europe). I'd love to do a small holiday gift for everyone but am a bit stumped on good ideas given logistical challenges. The best I've heard so far is an Amazon gift card but that doesn't sound very personal. Any suggestions?
Amazon doesn't operate in all countries. In the Netherlands it only recently entered the market and mainly sells books (I moved away, so don't know if it changed). Amazon doesn't operate in Ireland, but in Great Britain. This means that shipping is more expense & takes longer.What about gift baskets from a country other than their resident country (e.g., or if the HQ is located somewhere, send everybody something reprensenting the HQ. Next year, you could pick another country where some of your employees are located.
Maybe you could mail out cute passport covers to everyone in case anyone wants to visit anyone else over the course of next year? lol probably logistically challenging too, but just a thought.
Books! Books are always a great gift. I gave my employee "Sapiens" this year :)